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Discover our 4 E’s Entertainment, Education, Events and Esperiences! Our Entertainment includes Films, Documentaries, Shorts, Series and Podcasts. Education includes our Mystery School courses. Our Cosmic Visionary Events include a multitude of Conscious Events. Experiences can include working with and experiencing any our lightworkers either through their services or our full immersion retreats and events.

  • New Earth Era Trailer

    Welcome to the New Earth Era! Part 1 of this 3 part docuseries is included with subscription, you can purchase the entire series at for $9.99 at and can stream on all your devices and including Roku, Amazon Fire, IOS and Android upon purchase. Pr...

  • Birthing A New Earth with Zapheria Bell - Episode 1

    In this episode, Zapheria opens up about her experience on what shifted her life into becoming a medium for The Blue Diamond Souls, and how she fearlessly awakened to her new spiritual cosmic career as a soul midwife.

    She shares how she was able to give a voice to The Blue Diamond Souls as well ...

  • Multidimensionality: the Playground of the New Earth

    This channelled transmission with Gaby Kowalski and Livia Devi is for Missioned souls who are on this planet right now to bring in the New Earth.

    Your DNA was coded with codes for this mission...

    You are evolving fast and remembering more and more that you came here for a greater purpose.

    The ...

  • Walk The Talk Trailer

    Walk The Talk Trailer. A Ted Talks inspired Spiritual Speaker Series.

  • 1 Giant Leap - The Making Of - 20 Years On

    Follow Musicians Duncan Bridgeman and Jamie Catto as they traverse the planet twice weaving a tapestry of beauty and wisdom from what they find

  • Burzynski P1 Trailer

    Awoken proudly presents Burzynski Part 1, an award winning Cancer Documentary about a heroic doctor. A film written, directed, and produced by Eric Merola now streaming on Awoken. "Eric Merola's 'Burzynski" charts how a Texas medical doctor and biochemist developed Antineoplastons... Only to br...

  • The God Cells - Trailer

    "The God Cells isn't the first documentary to take on the controversial subject, but... It might be one of the few to change some minds." The Village Voice. This film is Directed by Eric Merola.


    Hayley Felton’s ALIGN TO LOVE course is the ultimate heart healing programme that prepares you for love so you can become magnetic to the soulmate relationship you desire. This course is for anyone who is single, looking for love and is open to a more effortless, spiritual approach to finding lo...

  • Burzynski Trailer - Cancer Documentary Part 2

    Awoken proudly presents Burzynski Part 2, an award winning Cancer Documentary about a heroic doctor. A film written, directed, and produced by Eric Merola now streaming on Awoken. We suggest watching part 1 first which is also streaming on Awoken..

  • EmPath About your Instructor

  • Meet Laura Beatriz Carrillo, The Feng Shui Lady

    Laura Beatriz Carrillo aka The Feng Shui Lady® is the Cosmic CEO. Laura’s mission in life is to create Sacred Space in the physical, metaphysical and digital world. Laura helps people make the space for their blessings and uses Feng Shui as a manifesting tool for magnetizing everything from lov...

  • Birthing A New Earth with Zapheria Bell - Episode 2

    Who Are The Blue Diamond Souls? How To Manifest and Come Into The Space Of Love With The Blue Diamond Souls.

    00:00-1:10 ~ Introduction To Zapheria Bell

    1:26 ~ Introduction To Who Are The Blue Diamond Souls

    2:33 ~ An Exercise To Channel Your Awareness

    3:48 ~ Connecting To Nature

    9:55 ~ W...

  • THE 4D BRIDGE ‘A Multi Dimensional Codex for Ascending Souls’

    As we continue to evolve and become our 5th dimension selves, we take a journey on the 4D bridge, where we shed the limitations of our 3D consciousness, to embody the limitless creation capabilities of our soul.

    Right now it is important for humanity that more and more missioned souls are awaken...

  • Quantum Magic! Alter the Fabrics of Reality

    At this stage of the evolution game, we get we are the powerful creators of our reality… right??

    Yet still at times we can find ourselves reacting to our physical world, instead of remembering that we created it 🤷🏼‍♀️

    When we embody at the deepest level...

    That we experience our physical reali...