Course: EmPath To Integration by Susie Beiler

Course: EmPath To Integration by Susie Beiler

The EmPath to Integration course will help empaths develop their gifts and navigate ascension. This course is available for purchase at $99.00 plus tax directly at and consists of videos, PDF’s and some audios as bonus materials. You can access the course on our apps after it has been purchased on the website.

Each topic has its own PDF worksheet that you will use to gain awareness, brainstorm, and problem solve.

Each worksheet guides you toward an inspired action so that you can implement the principles you are learning in this course. Even if a topic is something you have already worked with, I invite you to watch the video and answer the questions on the worksheet. You might be surprised what new awareness emerges!

Take as much time as you desire to work with each topic. Honor your own learning style. I’m here to assist you and make sure you get what you need from the course. Please schedule your private session here:

While you may find some topics more relevant to your situation than others, I do invite you to engage with all the material as you may find some wisdom nuggets that apply to your experience.

It is important to understand your energy leaks before moving on to other course material. The more energy leaks you have, the greater the opportunity for other energies to merge with your field, causing emotional confusion. The more you can gain an understanding about where you are losing energy, the more empowered you are to make a change.

*Please review the terms and definitions PDF. If you are unsure of the meaning of a word used in the course, look up its meaning on the PDF.

If I have not addressed all of your concerns and struggles as a sensitive empath, please let me know.

Thank you for investing in yourself. I am grateful that you desire to have a better experience on this planet as a sensitive being. Loving and accepting my special gifts as an empath and sensitive being has been a most rewarding journey for me!

Much Love, Susie Beiler

Course: EmPath To Integration by Susie Beiler